Overlays vs Flash

I had this problem with Flash getting in front of my fly-out menus. I tried two different techniques for element z-index re-ordering and they only worked for IE10.

This morning, I tried something that worked for all versions of IE, down to 7.

For this to work, you have to make sure you’re inserting Flash with the object and embed tags directly on the page, not inside an iframe. If you’re trying to insert embedded videos from YouTube, you need to mark the checkbox ‘Use old embed code’.

Flash code in place, the JavaScript side of things is very simple:

if (jQuery.browser.msie) {

	//adds the parameters to the player's object and embed tags

	as the browser won't recognize the parameters inserted after the tags were loaded,
	we get the new HTML (now with the parameters), remove it and insert it again.
	jQuery('.entry-content p').html(jQuery('.entry-content p').html());

On the last line, the selector represents the element that holds your object and embed tags. In my case, it is ‘.entry-content p’.

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Pictures from a developer’s life

My colleagues sent me this funny site:

Probably, you will only find it funny if you are a developer, but many of the specifics could be translated to other industries.

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CNET’s IE10 analysis

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Nexus 7 x Playbook

I moved on from the Playbook to the Nexus 7, in great part because of the number of applications available, but also to take advantage of the Google’s ecosystem features. I wanted more storage for music too (I had a 16GB PB and now I have a 32GB Nexus 7).

Months later, I can say my expectations above were fulfilled, but I still think the Playbook has better performance and usability than any other OS. I can say I like both tablets, however.

My next step will be a tablet PC, with full Windows 8, to sub for both my laptop and tablet. But I will wait until next year, when specs will be better and prices, lower.

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Games on tablets

Before moving to the tablet, I used to play on a PSP. I could complain about the mechanics of some games, but bugs were really few. I have been playing a lot on the tablet, since I bought it last November, and the overall quality (meaning issues, bugs, poor construction) is low when compared to the PSP platform.

Maybe because the publishers have the chance to update their software frequently (and the tablet will notify you that there is a new version you can download), they don’t worry too much about releasing stuff that’s not well tested or incomplete.

Another difficult aspect is to browse through a flood of software not well categorized in the application e-store, probably result of the freedom that is given to the publisher to classify their own titles. This way, jigsaw puzzles end up on the strategy section and you lose a lot of time trying to identify the real strategy games, which are few. Apparently, the word “strategy” is used in a very broad way.

I am not unhappy with the platform. In fact, the average game quality and the ease to get them surprised me, causing me to abandon the PSP for a platform where I could do a lot of other things aside just playing and listening to music. I just had some trouble recently, involving games which were supposed to be well-tested and I am a bit stressed. Soon I will be playing again.


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Project Glass: One Day…


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Mobile development: finger-sized targets for better usability

A colleague found this interesting article about sizing targets for mobile applications:


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